KLM & GeoTiff Files can import into Google Earth.

Pixel Airways provides high definition color aerial images that you can import into Earth in order to improve the quality of the product. Importing the files we provide is easy.

Open the file(s) in Google Earth

Start Google Earth and select File > Open from the top menu.

Select the (KLM) File(s)

Browse to the location on your hard drive where you’ve store the files provided by Pixel Airways. You can select a file, or hold down your Control-Key to select multiple files. Then click the Open button.

The Files Are Imported

Save Them Permanently

When the files are imported, they’re saved in a “Temporary Files” folder in Google Earth. You’ll want to create a permanent folder so that they will be there when you return. Left click on My Places in the Places list on the left side. Select Add and Folder.

A window will pop up where you can name the folder. Here we’ve chosen “Factory”. Then Click OK.

Move the files into the new folder.

Click and drag all the temporary files into the new folder one at a time until they’re all moved into the new folder.


Now you can zoom in to view quite a bit of details with your new maps in Google Earth. We call this Pixel Airways, Earth in HD.