The amazing power of aerial images

In its simplest form, an aerial image of your property can help in various ways from a major construction project, to the placement of a flower bed. But what else can it do?

From those same aerial images we can provide

Initial image made up of almost 150 photographs used to create all of the following

Show elevation on property, buildings, trees and other features

Determine the health of crops, plants, trees and landscape

3-D models of buildings, trees, and other features.

Using special online software you can view a 3-D model of the property where  you can zoom in, spin, and fly around in virtual reality. This model can then be imported into any CAD or VR application as an “obj” file. Go ahead, give it a try, click the image below to go to a virtual reality interface.


View The Images on Google Earth in high resolution

Click the image below to see a sample screen shot of Google Earth in HD or regular

Click to enlarge. UAS vs. Google Earth

Image resolution is incredible. The image shown below is in medium resolution. The inset is the actual resolution when shown at 100%. Click to view the full image.