Agriculture and Forestry

Optimize resources using optical and infra-red spectrum imaging to lets you know which plants and silvaculture that is stressed due to infection, lack of water, parasites, or incorrect chemical applications. We can even identify the exact moment fruit begins to ripen and take the guesswork out of picking time. Take the stress out of your crops.



We have the knowledge and tools to help determine the rates of forest growth to accurately determine the precise planning for future cuttings.

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Biological Sampling & Surveys

State of the art wildlife data collection is fast and easy. Let Pixel Airways capture a full map of 10 square acres or 10 square miles where you can survey various wildlife from the comfort of your office.


Let us help manage your plants’ growth will help your exploitation grow, and will help your profits grow. Pixel Air services allow you to save time by removing the need to work on all areas of the field and instead, focus on the areas that need attention. Save time and fuel by managing the areas where the need for fertilizer and irrigation is the greatest.