Breathtaking aerials views and tours create a seamless promotional package to set your listings above the rest.

City Planning & Development

Larger projects are easier to communicate when you can see the whole picture.


Pixel Airways’ pilots have been certified by the FAA to create aerial photography and video for use in commercial enterprises.


Aerial video featuring or selling various activities or sporting equipment will capture all the action.

Agriculture and Forestry

Identify areas of your property that could be more productive and what areas are suffering from lack of water or nutrients.

Eye Catching Aerial Photography & Video

Pixel Airways Inc. creates stunning aerial images, video and panoramas that showcase your property, event, or activity from a unique perspective using unmanned aircraft Systems (UAS or drones). Pixel Airways Inc. has worked hard to make sure that we stand out as one of the few aerial photography companies across the nation offering completely legal, FAA certified unmanned aerial photography and imaging across several markets. Fast, professional and affordable residential, commercial and industrial imaging is just a phone call away. Our headquarters is in North Idaho (near Sandpoint and Coeur D’Alene) but we also provide service in Washington and Montana.

Show off with a brand-new perspective at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial services. Our combination of technical expertise and professional post-production services deliver top-shelf aerial images quickly and efficiently.

Cutting Room Floor Video #1

Cutting Room Floor Video #1

This video as an interesting challenge because it was mostly below the canopy of trees where branches are a serious hazard. The drone was useful to get shots that would not be possible on foot. In this case the video wasn't used for it's intended purpose and wouldn't...

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Real Estate Sales Soar

Real Estate Sales Soar 1663 Wooded Acres Dr., Sagle, Idaho When this beautiful home in Sagle, Idaho went on the market the owner called Pixel Airways to help produce a video that would highlight the incredible beauty of the...

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Clyde Park, Montana

Clyde Park, Montana

Clyde Park, Montana is a sleepy little town where everyone knows your name. We visited the area for an outdoor wedding. I'm afraid that we were guests with other responsibilities than photographing the ceremony. None the less, a little tour of the area...

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Make Anything Look Interesting

Make Anything Look Interesting

While attending the Inland NW Freedom Fest we volunteered to do some video of the outside of the venue which consisted of a few buildings and a parking lot. Hopefully you'll agree that almost anything can look more exciting from the air. Or...

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Hi-Res Video?

How to get high resolution videos in two clicks...

How to get high resolution videos in two clicks...

Miles flown by our pilots

Real Estate Aerial Photography/Video

  • Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography/Video
  • Commercial (wholesale) Real Estate Aerial Photography/Video

Commercial Aerial Photography

  • Insurance/Damage Assessment
  • Municipal Planning Imagery
  • Concert, sports, Events
  • Agricultural Planning Applications

Industrial Imaging

  • Mining/Civil Engineering
  • Land & Forestry
  • Pipe/power Line Aerial Imagery
  • Communications/broadcast Tower Assessment
  • Industrial Infrastructure Monitoring