3-D Virtual Reality representation of your property

GPS enabled UAVs for aerial surveying is very cost effective in comparison to hiring an aircraft and with the ability to produce a 3-D Virtual Reality representation of your property, Pixel Airways offers an inexpensive solution.

3-D VR Example:

The Process of Building Your 3-D Map

In case you’re interested in how Pixel Airways accomplishes this economical solution here’s how it works.

The Plan

The project takes flight in our office as we set up a flight plan. This is includes checking FAA charts to see if the flight is restricted or requires special waivers, checking weather forecasts, and then planning the fight itself with our pilots and team members. In many cases the flight itself is completely automated using precision software that controls the aircraft from start to finish.

Taking Flight

The objective of the flight is to capture dozens or hundreds of geographically tagged digital images of the subject. The resulting gigabytes of data are then stitched together with precision software matching each pixel to it’s exact location on earth.

The Magic

From there we use industrial mapping software that applies photogrammetry to create a 3-D image and then make it available for you to view and use for site planning, topographic maps, digital models, meshes and orthophotos that engineers rely on for design and build work… or just for fun!